2017 Raising (again) over £13,000 for Local Charities

The weather held off again. Please click here for a brief review of the event.



2016 Raising £13,500 for Local Charities

The most popular and successful year to date. Thanks to everyone who attended.



2014 Raising £12,500 for Local Charities

The winning classic vehicle was owned and renovated by Pete Holland from Matlock with a unique 1966 Bedford J2 10 seater coach built originally for the Royal Household in London and Sandringham. It was used for the Queen’s Jubilee in 1977. Although in the end the Royal Family donated the coach to the Vauxhall/Bedford Museum in Luton it was eventually sold on and consigned to a lock-up for many years as General Motors/Opel apparently had no interest in the past history of Bedford vehicles.

The winning classic bike was owned by Kevin Lee of Horsley Woodhouse, near Ilkeston, with a 1950 500 cc Royal Enfield J2 Twin Port.  He bought the bike four years ago to renovate it after it had been stored in a farmers barn for 40 years.

2012 Raising £11,000 for Charities


2011 Winners and Entries